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Skyler Wheeler was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 2016, winning a three-way primary and defeating an independent opponent in the general election. At the time of his swearing in, Skyler was the youngest member of the Iowa General Assembly at just 23 years of age. Skyler was re-elected in 2018 without an opponent and defeated a Democrat opponent in the 2020 election by the biggest margin in the state for a legislative race. 

Since taking office, Skyler has championed a number of key issues. Skyler has championed the defense of innocent and unborn life, the expansion of our Second Amendment rights, the integrity of our elections by passing Voter ID laws, tax cuts in both 2018 and 2022, a conservative budget, and parental control and choice in education. Skyler has regularly scored at the top of the list for conservatives in the House and has been named as the most conservative in the House as well (according to the American Conservative Union and Club for Growth Foundation). 

Skyler graduated from Northwestern College in Orange City in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is the first male in his family’s history to have graduated college. Skyler came to Northwestern on a baseball scholarship, where he set four records and earned a Gold Glove winner and First Team All-GPAC First Baseman. 


Skyler works on a part-time basis for Hope Haven, and he is the Head Baseball Coach at Unity Christian High School in Orange City. Skyler chairs the Sioux County Republican Party and has been involved in many local groups and organizations since taking office in 2017. Skyler and Jess married during college in 2014. Together they have two children, Addie (3) and Stetson (1), and are expecting their third child in September. The Wheeler Family attends Tabernacle Baptist Church in George and is in the process of selling their home in Orange City and moving to Hull or Sioux Center. 

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